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1St Of December Arad, Crisana Romania 2021
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Hotel Maxim , Arad

Hotel Maxim

Arad, Crisana, Romania

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    Hotel Continental Forum, Arad

    Hotel Continental Forum

    Arad, Crisana, Romania

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    Hotel Coandi, Arad

    Hotel Coandi

    Arad, Crisana, Romania

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    Hotel Leon Spa, Arad

    Hotel Leon Spa

    Arad, Crisana, Romania

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      Miky, Arad


      Arad, Crisana, Romania

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        About AradDetails and images of Arad


        Arad is located at the western extremity of Romania, the high plain of Arad, 30 km from Zarand Mountains, part of the Western Carpathians. Crossed from east to west of the river Mures, contains in its perimeter, in the woods, a natural lake.

        Plain Arad is situated between mountains and riverbeds Zarand Mures Ier and Mort, continuing Cris Plain Pancota localities south of the line, Captain Alexander, potters, and Sanmartin Simand by Paulis and Pecica Mures valley between. To frame the mountain has an altitude of about 120 m and less than 100 m.

        Recommendations for travel Arad

        Architectural monuments
        City of Arad (XVIII century)
        Administrative Palace (1872-1874)
        Classic Theatre "Ioan glory" (1874).
        Neuman Palace (1891)
        Palace of Justice (1892)
        Cenad Palace (1894)
        National Bank Palace (1906)
        Bohus Palace (1910)
        Szantay Palace (1911)
        Cultural Palace (1913)
        House with cannonballs (1800)
        Preparandiei Building (1812)
        Lockers House (1815).
        Old Theatre (Hirschl -1817)
        Water Tower (1896)
        Vama Veche (1907)
        Nopcea Castle.
        Children's Palace (Twentieth Century)
        Casino Arad (1872)

        Statue of St. John of Nepomuk (1729)
        Holy Trinity Monument (1738-1740)
        Reconciliation Park, with the two monuments dedicated to the Revolution of 1848-1849
        Statue of Liberty, the work of sculptor György Zala, high in 1890
        Arc de Triomphe, conducted in 2004 by sculptor John muttered
        Cross of the Martyrs (1936)

        Places of Worship
        Serbian Church of St. Peter and Paul (1698-1702)
        Monastery of St. Simeon the Stylite "(1762)
        Romanian Orthodox Cathedral of Nativity of St. John the Baptist (1862-1865)
        Church St. Anthony of Padua "(1904)
        Red Church (Evangelical-Lutheran - 1906)
        SYNAGOGUE (1834)
        Romanian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity "(2009)

        Museums and exhibitions
        Arad Museum Complex
        History Department
        Department of Natural Sciences
        Art Department
        Memorial Museum "Vasile Goldis"
        Doina art collection and Baruţu Arghezi
        Gallery Delta. The main events are a part of tradition: International Biennial Exhibition of Drawing, Biennial of Small Sculpture Exhibition, Annual Art Exhibition
        Alfa Gallery
        Clio Gallery
        Water Tower Gallery
        Takács Gallery
        Carola's Gallery
        Expo Arad, Exhibition Centre of the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture of the county of Arad.

        Recreational Tourism
        Bath "Neptune" - The second largest beach on a river in Europe.
        Mures Floodplain Natural Park
        Cliff Mures
        Păduricea (Square Vineyard)
        Ceala with Lake Forest and the Isle Măltăreţ Mures (Three Islands)
        Forest Vladimirescu
        Lake Ghioroc
        Vineyard Minis-Madera, located about 30 km east of Arad
        Stadium Franz Neumann "

        Annually, Arad may be mistaken for a scene, because many cultural and artistic events:

        National Theatre Festival Classic came in 2006 to the twelfth edition
        International Festival Euromarionete
        International Festival of Theatre in English for teenagers "Teen Play
        International Theatre Festival in French "Amifran"
        Festival Theatre and Underground Chamber "Arad-Fun" - the most important festival dedicated to independent theater in Romania and alternative theater movement (organized by the House of Culture of Arad)
        Minorities Festival
        Craftsmen Fair
        NGO Fair
        Arad Spring Festival, held throughout the month of May
        Arad Days Festival in August
        Wine Festival - September.
        Dance Festival "Silver snowdrop"
        Festival of brass bands and majorettes

        Classic Theatre "Ioan Slavici"
        Arad Marionette Theatre
        Old Theater