1St Of December Balvanyos, Transilvania Romania 2024
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Hotel Balvanyos Resort, Balvanyos

Hotel Balvanyos Resort    

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Balvanyos, Transilvania, Romania

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Today's Balvanyos Baths was formed from the merging of three colonies of bathrooms colonies that worked once. The oldest is the one that stands in step Balvanyos: Smelly from Turia (the word "putsch" refers to the unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulfide), because the cave from Turia Smelly therapeutic gases had accumulated on his wall drops found "vitriol" that were and are today used by people for healing and self healing. Operation in terms of tourist resort began in 1938.

Volcanic and sedimentary rocks from the soil emanations of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide favored the occurrence of several mineral water springs.

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Things to see:

* Hiking trails
(Cave Bear, Cave TIimos, Cave Gyilkos, Madartemeto - Bird Cemetery, Smelly Cave, Cave-Balvanyos Begyenko Lake St. Anne, Marsh Buffogo)
* City Balvanyos
* Gates carved Cernat Village Museum
* National Museum Secuiesc - St. George
* Secuiesc Museum - Targu Secuiesc