1St Of December Ocna Sibiului, Marginimea Sibiului Romania 2021
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Hotel Salinas, Ocna Sibiului

Hotel Salinas

Ocna Sibiului, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

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Hotel Helios, Ocna Sibiului

Hotel Helios

Ocna Sibiului, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

  • Hotel with children playground  
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Casa Antonia, Ocna Sibiului

Casa Antonia

Ocna Sibiului, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

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    Hotel Strand, Ocna Sibiului

    Hotel Strand

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    Ocna Sibiului, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

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      About Ocna SibiuluiDetails and images of Ocna Sibiului

      Ocna Sibiului

      Ocna Sibiu climatic health resort, is located in the city with the same name, 12 km.de Sibiu, giving access to national road, railway and the Sibiu International Airport. Placed as a nest in the hills, Ocna Sibiu is immersed in silence and peace, being characterized by a form of relief hills with gentle slopes, the city away from the winds and currents of cold air coming from the mountain, which cause small variations in temperature between seasons, with gentle transitions from one regime to another heat. The area falls within the temperate continental climate of the plateau with some hills and local nuances (winter temperature inversions, calm atmosphere, strong insolation) climatic features have an important role in preventing and treating diseases.

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      Ocna Sibiu sights:
      - Fortress Reformed Church - The Basilica of Romanian origin, is built of stone and brick, with very thick walls with buttresses, with three ships and six bays, with apse and bell tower south masiv.Portalul keeps a Roman relief representing the tree of life flanked by two lions. Being besieged by a fire several times because the church was rebuilt in late Gothic style, with some Renaissance elements. Since 1569 the church was the last Roman Catholic worship in the Calvinist Reformed worship.
      - Romanian Orthodox Church St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel - is founded by Michael the Brave, who after the 1599 Battle of Selimbar way to Alba Iulia, Sibiu Ocna stopped and the ordained and commanded to build a church will be rebuilt 1695 by Prince Constantin Brancoveanu.
      Inside the church is painted and the painting Brancoveanu pasteraza major fragments and votive painting from 1723, depicting rulers and Constantin Brancoveanu founders Michael the Brave.
      - Transfiguration Romanian Orthodox Church - was built in 1790 by workers from the former salt mine. Built of brick, on a rectangular plan with an apse on the east side and the bell tower is decorated outside with holes and waist and inside with Byzantine-style painting.
      - Romanian Orthodox Church Nativity of St. John the Baptist - built in 1810 of brick and stone on a rectangular plan with a semicircular apse on the east side and a tall bell tower, kept a few pieces of exterior painting from 1827.
      Inside, the two circular domes and walls are covered with Byzantine-style frescoes.
      - Annunciation Romanian Orthodox Church - Located in Toparcea 10 km Ocna Sibiu, was built in 1726 of brick construction with a rectangular plan with a polygonal apse to the east and a bell tower on the western side.
      The interior was painted in fresco and in 1789 the tower keeps a Slavonic inscription.
      - Spa resort - Built between 1907 and 1909 was made with a specific architectural style "la belle AŠpoque, united and harmonious, with rich floral and vegetable trimmings with elements in geometric decorative style called Viennese" Jugendstil "and typical" Art 1900 "Transylvania.
      - Salt Museum - Arranged in the upper school building, the history of salt and balneatiei exploitation, with sections on history, ethnography, folk art and a small art gallery.
      - "Lake Bottom", declared monument of nature, with the strongest heliothermic.
      - Lake Ocna wilderness or Avram Iancu - salt is formed on Fodina Major, abandoned in 1817. 160 m depth is the deepest lake in Romania antroposalted.
      - Lake Brancoveanu - formed on an abandoned salt mine in 1699, it is the salty lake in Ocna Sibiu, with 310 g / l salinity.