1St Of December Pucioasa, Muntenia Romania 2022
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Hotel Turist, Pucioasa

Hotel Turist

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Pucioasa, Muntenia, Romania

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Hotel Ceres, Pucioasa

Hotel Ceres

Pucioasa, Muntenia, Romania

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    Resort city of more than 170 years, located on the upper course of Ialomita 21 km north of the city of Targoviste and an altitude of about 400m, Smelly has a beautiful open position, the one with hills on both sides under the outward delayed binefacatoarele sources of sulfur (sulfur), where it gets its name Smelly.

    Recommendations for travel Pucioasa

    Smelly resort is small but very cozy and inviting and you are attracted by beauty and good taste in what you expose.

    Lovers of the Romanian village of old treasures knowledge can stop, opposite the House of Portuguese, the city's Ethnographic Museum, housed in an old house two centuries, still Dobreşti House Dobrescu "

    Evenings brimstone are so calm, restful and pleasant, that in this spa town, everywhere you turn your steps to find an oasis of calm meditation and reflection.

    On the esplanade that leads you to the center of the square, lampadarele garlands and multicolored light bulbs give you the impression that you are in Las Vegas. Their light restful than jets of water thrown out of the fountain, they changed into rainbows

    Face to Face, a book for food kiosk and a bistro with small hearts and cold beer, always put the visitors in a dilemma. Most resolves, beaten path that joins them.

    A walk for a siesta after dinner or lunch is welcome itinerary Blvd Republic, monument, cinema, summer garden with 650 seats, Cultural Center, Park, Peco, Station, Chestnut Avenue and again, "home."

    This is the area that has attracted and continues to polarize the entire business more recreational and cultural events. These objectives remains the undisputed unit for a diverse world coming to a spa, according to the needs that must find them, to meet the appropriate sources. They bring their contribution to what is a work of culture and civilization for its citizens, not just hers.

    Park was the work of war veterans from 1877 - 1878, and is called "Independence Park, the entrance of the Heroes Monument was high, the work of sculptor Alan Brezeanu. Not by chance in 1927 to celebrate in this place the fiftieth anniversary of the conquest of Romania's state independence. Independence Park, is located at the northern limit of the central area of the city, being built in the historical area and is located at a distance of about 300m from the two bases of the resort spa treatment Smelly;

    Instead pavilion destroyed by fire in 1965, and Nicolae Grigorescu, whose ceiling had painted the nine muses, is today an impressive cultural center offers a variety of weekly programs, including symposia, meetings with personalities, book presentations, exhibitions, theatrical performances of the teams in Bucharest, entertainment and music. A cultural center that can satisfy any artistic taste and scientific search.

    On notice boards scattered throughout the modern city center, you can find out what's happening in the cultural Smelly - sport every week.
    If you leave one of the four gates of the park, the street Fântânele that gives you Ialomita Valley to Mount Leaota opening with road and rail bridge Bucharest - Pietroşiţa before crossing the bridge, immediately right, you can admire the dam and lake (joined hydro circuit in 1974 at an altitude of 418m, has an area of 91 ha and a water volume of 4.94 million cubic meters) and approx. 1 km pier. If you cross the bridge, find a trout adapted here. Trout Smelly, Smelly resort located at exit, the road Targoviste - Sinaia near dam Smelly, Ialomita river, the forest acts as a subunit of Dambovita. This objective was put into operation in 1981 and has a production capacity of 30 tons per year trout consumption. In rainbow trout trout is found. The biological material is produced in the trout and brood to ensure achievement of production requirements, the present Spătărelul Hill - Metropolitan, at its foot there "Source", built in the place where springs gush sulfur and iodine.

    Holy City New Jerusalem, a settlement with the original architecture, built by artists Zidaru Marian and Victoria, you do not have access vietuitorii than men and women who follow a strict list of canons;