1St Of December Sangeorz Bai, Transilvania Romania 2021
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Hotel Hebe, Sangeorz Bai

Hotel Hebe

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Sangeorz Bai, Transilvania, Romania

  • Hotel with outdoor pool  
  • No transport provided
Hotel Somesul, Sangeorz Bai

Hotel Somesul

Sangeorz Bai, Transilvania, Romania

  • Hotel with parking  
  • No transport provided

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Sangeorz Bai

Resort to a permanent (also known as a spa since the seventeenth century), enjoy the mountain climate is moderate with cool summers (July average is - 5.5 ° C). The average annual temperature is 7.5 ° C, humidity exceeds 82%. The resort has many mineral springs bicarbonate, chlorinated, sodium, calcium, magnesium, carbonated, hypertonic and isotonic mineral mud, pits.

Recommendations for travel Sangeorz Bai

- Mineral Springs - Bai Sangeorz
- Comparative Art Museum - Bai Sangeorz
- Hill Glimeea
- Wooden Church of the Annunciation - Bai Sangeorz