1St Of December Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiului Romania 2022
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Hotel Bach Apartments, Sibiu

Hotel Bach Apartments

   Score 9.7/10 out of 3 reviews

Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

  • Hotel with wi-fi Internet  
  • No transport provided

  Last booking: 06/30/2022

Continental Forum, Sibiu

Continental Forum

   Score 8.5/10 out of 5 reviews

Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

  • Hotel with wi-fi Internet  
  • No transport provided
Pensiunea Rubin, Sibiu

Pensiunea Rubin

   Score 9.4/10 out of 5 reviews

Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

  • Hotel with wi-fi Internet  
  • No transport provided

  Last booking: 06/20/2022

Hotel Class Hermannstadt, Sibiu

Hotel Class Hermannstadt

   Score 9.6/10 out of 2 reviews

Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

  • Hotel with parking  
  • No transport provided
Plaza 35, Sibiu

Plaza 35

   Score 9.7/10 out of 2 reviews

Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

  • Hotel with wi-fi Internet  
  • No transport provided
Hotel Stefani, Sibiu

Hotel Stefani

Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

  • Hotel with parking  
  • No transport provided
Hotel Anastasia, Sibiu

Hotel Anastasia

Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

  • Full Board  
  • No transport provided
Hotel Aurelia, Sibiu

Hotel Aurelia

Sibiu, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

    • No transport provided

    About SibiuDetails and images of Sibiu


    Situated between the Fagaras Mountains, and Lotrului Cindrel, Sibiu is located in the depression Cibin, crossed the river with the same name, taken from the Latin name of the town which was Cibiniensis / Cibinium. Also, the town is bounded north and east of the plateau above the valley reaching down Tarnavelor Cibin by Gusteritei Hill.

    Later in 1692, thanks to the Austrian influence, Sibiu became the capital of Transylvania at a time when the city experienced a tremendous economic and cultural development. In those years Brukenthal Palace was built.

    Recommendations for travel Sibiu

    Stair tower is a massive construction, built of brick, single stage, first at a vaulted passage. One way to the stairs connecting cities from above and below town.

    Goldsmiths 'Ladder Tower is a building with two floors and attic, and can be reached by crossing arch, the stairs that lead from the Goldsmiths' Market. Currently both floors are turned into housing.

    Carpenters Potters' Tower and Tower are joined by a wall with battlements - Sibiu.

    The gate tower, located at the crossroads and Odobescu Stairs Passage, provides entry into the city, a very close patrand initial one.

    Carpenters' Tower is a tower with a military architecture adapted to a firearm, which was built in the XV Century.

    Potters' Tower was built in the sixteenth century and the next turn is joined by a wall with battlements, widespread in the system.

    Archebuzierilor Tower is located in the south, with battlements and shot holes, having a close position against the exterior wall of the city. Besides they need Tanners Tower Powder Tower said.

    Calendar of main events:

    Easter Fair April 14 to 24 www.targuldepasti.ro info
    Biennial Festival April 15 to 16 bilingual poetry, art and music info habitus Cultural Center
    May 6 to 8 short film festival info International Cultural Center habitus
    Urban Festival May 7 to 8 "Huet Square"
    May 8 Contest "May beetle"
    Sibiu Jazz Festival May 8 to 15 www.sibiujazz.ro info
    May 9 show "Europe sings and dances to" My European city
    May 14 Night of Museums (Astra Museum)
    14 to 15 May Festival and folk bands "
    May 18 International Museum Day www.muzeulastra.ro info
    May 27-June 5 International Theatre Festival info www.sibfest.ro
    June 15 to 19 International Film Festival Transilvania www.tiff.ro info
    June 20 to 26-day summer concerts Romanian-American Music www.filarmonicasibiu.ro info
    July 4 to 10 International Festival-Contest piano performance and composition "Carl Filtsch" info www.filarmonicasibiu.ro
    July 6 to 10 bicycle tour of Sibiu www.ciclism.sibiu.ro info
    7 to 9 July Festival Summer theater season www.teatrulgong.ro info
    July 8 to 9 www.raliulsibiului.ro Sibiu Rally info
    Festival July 15 to 17 "Harley Davidson" info Artmania Events
    July 17, Sibiu Fair houses www.muzeulastra.ro info
    Mountain Song Festival July 23 -24 www.amiciimuntilor.ro info
    Festival July 24 to August 7 Icon Arts www.iconarts.ro info
    July 28 Lux Kultur-Largo-routes.ro www.culture info
    July 30 to 31, Sibiu, Roma Fair craftsmen www.muzeulastra.ro info
    8 to 14 August festival info www.artmania.ro Artmania
    11 August Lux Kultur-Vivace-routes.ro www.culture info
    Creators Folk Festival August 11 to 15 in Romania www.muzeulastra.ro
    August 12 to 14 National Festival of Traditions www.muzeulastra.ro info
    Transylvania Tattoo Expo August 12 to 14 www.tattooexpo.ro info
    21 August Sibiu Geiger Mountain Bike Challenge info www.ciclism.ro
    25 August Lux Kultur-Presto-routes.ro www.culture info
    National Olympics August 25 to 28 "Traditional Artistic Handicrafts" info www.muzeulastra.ro
    Festival August 31 to September 4 www.eliteart.org Picture info
    Potters' Fair September 3 to 4 www.traditiisibiene.ro info
    September 5 to 8 Days Roma Culture-info-culture www.centrul romilor.ro
    European Heritage Days September 17 www.muzeulastra.ro
    September 25-October 13 International Festival of Lyrical Art www.filarmonicasibiu.ro info
    October 14 to 16 International Contemporary Music Festival "Jazz and More" info www.jazzandmore.ro
    Astra Film Festival October 21 to 28 www.astrafilm.ro info
    November 13 to 15 Festival "Sibiu World Music www.sibiujazz.ro info
    1 to 3 December International Festival of Magic Show "info www.teatrulgong.ro
    3 to 4 December the National Festival of Customs and www.muzeulastra.ro info
    December 30-January 1 New Year's Concert Traditionally www.ucimr.ro info