Accommodation in Adjud, Moldavia Romania deals 2022
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Riana, Adjud


Adjud, Moldavia, Romania

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    Atlantic, Adjud


    Adjud, Moldavia, Romania

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    Adial, Adjud


    Adjud, Moldavia, Romania

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      Is a city of Adjud Vrancea, Moldova, Romania. It has a population of 17,585 inhabitants (2002). Located north of the point where the rivers meet and Trotuş Siren, Adjud city was originally a deal.

      The land is Adjud city is generally flat, sandwiched between the sub-Carpathian hills with heights up to 400 m. The altitude of the city's overall average is about 100 m above sea level. The terrain is favorable to crops, and has built will meet the drinking water blade less than 10 m deep.

      Meets its settlement temperate climate and is characterized by prevailing winds from the north with alternating warm season southern and south-east, average annual temperature of 8-10 ° C, average rainfall of 500 mm / m² a year.