Black Friday Gura Humorului, Bucovina Romania winter 2023
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Hotel Ramona, Gura Humorului

Hotel Ramona  

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Gura Humorului, Bucovina, Romania

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Gura Humorului

Gura Humorului Gura Homorului earlier, (in Hebrew and Yiddish - Mouth Shut Humura Humuruluei or in German and Polish: Gura Humorului) is a town in Suceava County, Bukovina, south, northern Romania. It has a population of 15,837 inhabitants.


Raising in 1488, building on the site of a old wooden Voronet monastery, Prince of Moldova, Stefan cel Mare a settlement founded the monastery whose fame has gone over the centuries the borders. The exterior painting preserved in remarkably good condition, the monastery church, like those from the Monastery Humor Monastery of Moldova, is a testament to the unusual decorative technique was one of the most exciting art events of the past Romanian people.