Bus Bran, Bran Moeciu Romania winter 2021
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Romania 2021 - Weekend In Transilvania, Bran

Romania 2021 - Weekend In Transilvania

Bran, Bran Moeciu, Romania

    • Bus (05/28 - 09/03/2021)
      Departures in date: 07/02, 07/09, 07/16, 07/23, 07/30, 08/06, 08/13, 08/20, 08/27
    Romania 2021 - Excursie 1 Zi Pe Urmele Regilor, Bran

    Romania 2021 - Excursie 1 Zi Pe Urmele Regilor

    Bran, Bran Moeciu, Romania

      • Bus (05/20 - 12/12/2021)
        Departures in date: 06/26, 06/27, 07/01, 07/02, 07/03, 07/04, 07/08, 07/09, 07/10, 07/11, 07/15, 07/16, 07/17

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      Bran, 29 km from Brasov city in an area with numerous villages where they are successful rural tourism. Region are characteristic vast pastures on the hills which rise gradually to the south, towards Stone Mountain Park.
      Visitors can go hiking or cycling tours and Bucegi Mountains National Park or visit Bran Castle, the medieval fortress or the Bat Cave Rasnov waterfalls and gorges of Moeciu and caves, and keys in the region enclosed between the bottom and SiRNA .

      Recommendations for travel Bran

      Customs Museum, oversee Pass linking Transylvania and Wallachia. From 1377-1382 when it was built, until today, he has witnessed landmark events in the history of places for that position and his rank, he was made to realize.

      Houses memorial Bran:

      - Sextil Puscariu (1877-1948) - linguist, philologist and literary historian, member of the Romanian Academy;

      - Dr. Aurel Stoian (1866-1972) - Romanian President National Council of Bran, Great Union Act signed on 1 December 1918, doctor, mayor and mayor of Bran.

      - Dr. Joseph Puscariu (1889-1965) - Founder of the Eye Hospital in Brasov

      - Professor Doctor Liviu Popovici (1927-1994) - scientist and world-renowned neurologist, a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

      - Professor Doctor Docent Valeriu Lucian Bologa (1892-1971) titanium medical history and a total of 23 member societies and academies of sciences related to Bran and loving home.

      - Professor Dr. Aron Petric (1915-1981) - Dean of the Faculty of History in Bucharest, outstanding researcher and teacher, son of Bran.

      - Waterfall Gorge Moeciu with Moeciu;
      - Assumption Church built in 1820 and painted in 1836.