Christmas Sibiel, Marginimea Sibiului Romania 2021
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Circuit Craciun In Marginimea Sibiului Senior Voyage Autocar, Sibiel

Circuit Craciun In Marginimea Sibiului Senior Voyage Autocar

Sibiel, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

    • Bus (12/23 - 12/27/2021)
      Departures in date: 12/23

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    With a population of about 450 inhabitants, the village is part of the ten Sibiel settlements that make up the city Sălişte. Located along the namesake river, which crosses the city from west to east, the city Sibielului was identified by some researchers as Salgo camp, attested from 1322.

    Located 23 km away from Sibiu, housed in a bucket that Cibin Mountains, the village Sibiel furthers its ancient history a relay in natural beauty, culture and Romanian tradition.

    Sibielului story is shrouded in mystery, village elders recounting the time he's there and giants, and that would be hidden treasures Decebal Traian fear.

    Recommendations for travel Sibiel

    Among the sights, particularly interesting are:

    Earth and stone fortress dating from the Sibiel XII-XIII - belonged to the Romanian population, was mentioned in documents in 1384, together with other localities in Sibiu Mărginimea: Vale, Fântânele-Cacova.

    Regarding the organization of the village museum, it began in 1969, mainly through donations. It represents a valuable collection of icons on glass from nearly all the painters in the country. Along with glass icons and icons are displayed on wooden folk pottery, furniture, home textile, and a number of old Romanian books.

    As for the church dedicated to Holy Trinity, it was built between 1765-1767. It has a rectangular plan with an apse and unhooked in the west tower. Over the years has supported some changes in elevation, especially in terms of windows, which were increased. Mural painting was executed in fresco in the years 1774-1775 by Stan Zugravu.

    The village is located, and three high crosses in the early nineteenth century, that in the years 1803, 1817 and 1819, painted in fresco, and a hermitage. Sibiel mentioned that the village is the birthplace of the renowned historian Andrew vinegar (1894-1977).