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Casa Morarului, Baile Tusnad

Casa Morarului

Baile Tusnad, Transilvania, Romania

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Baile Tusnad

Baile Tusnad (in Hungarian Tusnádfürdő) is a town in Harghita County, Romania. It has a population of 1728 inhabitants, is the city with the lowest number of inhabitants in Romania. It is located in the southern part of Ciuc basin between mountains Harghita and Bodoc, in Olt docks, at an altitude of 650 m. It is an important spa resort.

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Surroundings, tourist attractions

• Lake Saint Ann - 950 m - situated 25 km from the resort, volcanic lake, unique in Central and Eastern Europe.
• Tinovul Bog - 1056 meters - located on Lake St. Anne, declared a nature reserve, home to rare plant species.
• Miercurea Ciuc - 30 km - City Miko, Ethnographic Museum.
• Baroque Franciscan church in Şumuleu - 35 km, which holds one of the largest pipe organ installations in Transylvania.
• Red Lake - 115 km - the biggest natural dam lake in Romania.
• Olt River Gorge
Falcons Rock - 848 m.
• Siculeni - Monument Szekler.
• Topliţa: Orthodox Monastery of St. Elijah the Prophet - (1847).
• Cârţa: peasant fortified city.
• Odorheiul Secuiesc: medieval fortress dating from the sixteenth century.
• Lazar: "Knoll Tartar" and the Castle of Count Lazarus.
• St. George: Székely National Museum, Museum of Art, the Reformed Church in Gothic style (XIV)
Corundum: Crafts - pottery with floral on blue and green wicker.