City Hotels Slanic Moldova, Moldavia Romania 2023
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Vila Moldavia Class, Slanic Moldova

Vila Moldavia Class

Slanic Moldova, Moldavia, Romania

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Slanic Moldova

Slanic Moldova is situated on the eastern slope of the Eastern Carpathians (the mountain Nemira) at a height of 530 m on the valley Slănic. The city takes place in a depression covered with deciduous and coniferous forests. Slanic-Moldova, a city in eastern Romania (Bacau County) located Slănic River (a tributary of Trotus) at Nemira Mountains (Eastern Carpathians), elevation 530 m, in a valley surrounded by forests of beech and fir, the 84 km southwest of the city of Bacau (Bacau county). All-season resort, with an intra-depression temperate climate, with a pure air free of dust and particles that can cause allergies, and rich in resinous aerosols and negative ions.

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