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Stein Collection, Timisoara

Stein Collection

Timisoara, Banat, Romania

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Spa Ice Resort, Timisoara

Spa Ice Resort

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Timisoara, Banat, Romania

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    Victoria Hotel, Timisoara

    Victoria Hotel

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    Timisoara, Banat, Romania

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    About TimisoaraDetails and images of Timisoara


    Timisoara is located in southeastern Pannonian Plain (ie in the southern plain of the West) in the area of the rivers Timis and Bega digression.
    Timisoara, in translation: "city of the Timiş" is the capital and largest city of Timis county historical region Banat, western Romania.
    Village name comes from the Timis River (passing to the south of the city), called by the Romans in ancient times or Tibiscus Tibisis.

    Recommendations for travel Timisoara

    Several major tourist attractions are:
    Timisoara Cathedral (built between 1736-1774)
    - Union Square
    - Victoria Square
    - Liberty Square
    -Maria a market (place where the Romanian revolution started in 1989)
    - Traian Square (center of the historic district Fabric)
    Places of worship:
    -Metropolitan Cathedral
    - Roman Catholic Cathedral
    - Millennium Cathedral
    - Serbian Episcopal Church
    - Synagogue
    - synagogue in Fabric
    Monuments and buildings:
    - Hunyadi Castle
    -Dicasterial Palace
    - Baroque Palace
    - National Theatre of Timisoara
    -Lloyd's Palace