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Vila Pike Inn, Dunavatul De Sus

Vila Pike Inn

Dunavatul De Sus, Delta Dunarii, Romania

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Dunavatul De Sus

Dunavăţ two towns bearing the same name: Dunavatu Dunavatu Upper and Lower, at a distance of about 2.5 km apart, located on the right arm of St. George, belonging to the village Murighiol.

Near the village of Upper Dunavatu, Roman remains were discovered of the settlement Halmyris, surname and Lake Razim period. The population of these two settlements is mostly of Ukrainian origin, coming from Zaporozhye, following the persecutions of the autocratic regime of Catherine II

The ancestors of current residents were the Cossacks, who in their wanderings and settled in these places welcoming

Cossacks, descendants of these groups are still location-ity of the population and represents a challenge for sub-project team will complete a minimuzeu and minimonografie Dunavăţul to prove that the Netherlands still retains the characteristic feature of the Cossack villages.

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