Easter Baia Sprie, Maramures Romania 2024
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Complex Turist Suior Baza, Baia Sprie

Complex Turist Suior Baza  

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Baia Sprie, Maramures, Romania

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Hotel Complex Turistic Suior Cota 1000, Baia Sprie

Hotel Complex Turistic Suior Cota 1000

Baia Sprie, Maramures, Romania

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    Baia Sprie

    Sprie bath is a town in the county of Maramures, Transylvania, Romania. He was one of the important mining centers of Maramures. A mining activity in the city region is already reported in the Bronze Age. The exploitation of gold and silver is postponed by the Saxons in the years 1141 to colonize the region. In 1329 the area is known as the Mons medius. In 1774 published the first scientific research is the exploitation of minerals.

    Sprie around Baia, are the most important places of tourist interest in the area. Whatever the season, tourist resort and cottage Suior Mogosa put at your disposal with rich and diverse recreational activities.

    Recommendations for travel Baia Sprie

    Must visit:
    -The old city center to form an elongated trapezoid tapering toward the east, contains a great architectural complex of monuments of history and old architecture, built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
    -Baia Sprie City Hall was built in 1739 in Baroque style, the buildings of the town hall riunele vachii destroyed by Tatars in 1539, two mining hammers logo can be seen on the sky încurcişate two entries in the basement, along with înscirsul 1798.
    -Roman-Catholic Church in Liberty Square is a monumental building with two towers bearing two gold crosses, built in neoclassical style between 1847-1855, the entrance is flanked by two imposing statues of saints.
    -Reformed Church was built between 1889-1890.
    -Orthodox Church, Assumption'', and the former Greek Catholic Church was built in 1793, with the altar in the typical Eastern style, the roof of the tower more special bulb-shaped church is the oldest place of worship Baia Sprie.
    -bulk-building of the former Directorate of Mines, was built in 1733 and hosted the related institutions while the city's core business, ie mining. Today the building will be renovated and turned into hotel.