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Hotel Decebal, Neptun

Hotel Decebal    

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Neptun, Romanian Seaside, Romania

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Neptune spa interest is 6 km north of Mangalia, at an altitude of 5-18 m.
The resort is a mild climate (warm summers and mild winters, with small amounts of snow due to the average temperature of 0 degrees in January) which allows continuous operation even if the resort is the summer that attracts most tourists.
Neptune is also a summer resort mondena, sheltered on three sides by forest, with more remote hotels. Green grass, comfort and quality make Neptune favorite place to spend the holidays for families with children.

Luxury and quality are found everywhere: in restaurants, bars, clubs, discos, the multi-purpose sports fields, swimming pools, the Summer Theatre, amusement park, the water sports facilities or shops.

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Access routes
Mihail Kogalniceanu airport (near Constanta);

225km on the highway Bucharest-Constanta railway;

266km on the road upgraded, the highway between Bucharest-Cernavoda.

Local attractions:
Histria - 62 km from Constanta, the oldest Greek settlement in Romania (founded in sec. VII BC the Greeks came from Miletus - Asia Minor). You can admire the Temple of Aphrodite, Temple of Zeus, the forum, existing evidence of civilization in the land of Pontus the sea.
Roman mosaic edifice - sec. III - IV AD unique in this part of Europe, admired by visitors because of its beauty with geometric and floral ornaments.
City Axiopolis - "dark city" during the Roman occupation, Cernavoda today ("black water"), here was discovered the famous statue The Thinker.
Monument Tropaeum Traiani - Adamclisi (64 km from Constanta), built between 106 -109 AD in honor of Emperor Trajan victories over the Dacians in 102 AD.
Wall Callatis old Citadel - which can currently be admired in the basement of the hotel President Hotel Mangalia.
The statue of Ovidiu - Constanta, Ovidiu market, Publius Ovidius Naso Roman poet exiled to Tomis and who has lamented his fate in the lyrics "Tristia", "Ponticele" died here after nine years.
Esmajan Sultan Mosque - Mangalia, built in Moorish style (1590).
Grand Mosque - Constanta, built in 1910 in Moorish style, Koni exact copy of the great mosque in Anatolia (Turkey).
Genovese Lighthouse - Constanta, built in XIV century by an English company.
National Museum of History and Archaeology - Constanta, Ovidiu Square old City Hall building, is one of the richest museums in the country, with exhibits from local and national history, high artistic and scientific value. Here are exhibits Hamangia culture, relics of the Greek cities on the Black Sea, a treasure trove of jewelry, rare coins and Roman pieces, early medieval remains on the Danube (Capidava, Dinogetia), findings from Bessarabia,
Folk Art Museum - Constanta Dobrogea folk creation with specific exhibits.
Dolphinarium - Constanta, unique in Romania, with an exhibition of cetaceans in the world.
Aquarium - Constanta, with over 130 species of fish from the Black Sea, Danube Delta and the Mediterranean Sea, next to the Aquarium, the constant can also find the Planetarium, and Astronomical Observatory Solar Observing Station, all part of the Science Museum Complex Nature.
Casino building - built on the cliff in 1909 seccession French style.
Museum of Art - owns valuable paintings, graphics and sculpture of the renowned Romanian artists such as Nicolae Grigorescu, Theodor Aman, Ion Andreescu Corneliu Baba, Demetrios Paciurea Ion Jalea was
Romanian Navy Museum - unique in the country, exhibited in the museum are the means of navigation through the ages.