Free Days Eforie Nord, Romanian Seaside Romania summer 2021
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Hotel Mirage Medspa, Eforie Nord

Hotel Mirage Medspa  

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Eforie Nord, Romanian Seaside, Romania

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Eforie Nord

Eforie Nord is the second largest tourist resort on the Romanian seaside resort with a spa treatment permanently. Located east of Lake Techirghiol lake known for its curative properties of the mud, Eforie Nord is situated at a distance of about 15 km from Constanta.

Eforie Nord resort has a Mediterranean climate characterized by hot summers with average temperatures between 22-30 degrees Celsius and a low precipitation rate (approximately 400 ml per year).
The sun shines for 10-12 hours a day, conditions were optimal for the beach.

The resort of Eforie Nord trament works offered throughout the year and has a well developed infrastructure and diversified with sports, swimming, and many possibilities of accommodation in hotels, guesthouses and villas.

Recommendations for travel Eforie Nord

Eforie Nord offers its guests a range of about 3 miles long with widths ranging between 20 and 100m. Entry into the sea is smooth, the seabed is covered with sand or small stones.