Free Days Sfantu Gheorghe Delta, Delta Dunarii Romania 2022
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Complex Green Village, Sfantu Gheorghe Delta

Complex Green Village  

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Sfantu Gheorghe Delta, Delta Dunarii, Romania

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Sfantu Gheorghe Delta

Located in the extreme east of the Danube Delta area, GEORGE SFANTU is situated in the eastern county of Tulcea Tulcea Km 120 on the arm of Saint-George and 35 km from Sulina. The village is bordered to the north of the village Crisan and Sulina, on the east and south of the Black Sea and west of the village Murighiol.

The climate is continental with hot summers, cold winters with strong winds, average annual temperature of 11 ° C and the average amount of annual rainfall is 440l/mp.

On an administrative area of 60,575.87 hectares, the village consists of about 358 households living in about 971 people have preserved their traditions and language Ukrainian.

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