Bus Hateg, Transilvania Romania winter 2023
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Circuit Tara Hategului Taramul Mitic Al Dacilor, Hateg

Circuit Tara Hategului Taramul Mitic Al Dacilor

Hateg, Transilvania, Romania

    • Bus (05/22 - 06/09/2023)
      Departures in date: 05/22, 05/29, 06/05

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    Placed in the depression with the same name, at an altitude of 310-350 m and surrounded by mountains, has the charm of a small town Hateg mountain province.
    The city is situated at the foot of the mountains Retezat at a distance of 40 km from the capital Hunedoara, Deva, 26 km from the town of Hunedoara, Petrosani 50 km and 70 km of Caransebes.

    Recommendations for travel Hateg

    Among the attractions are in place Hateg include:

    Roman Catholic Church was founded by the family Nopcsa the most famous of all Hateg family. Nopsca Francis was among the richest members of the family, occupying important positions in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, reaching across time to the dignity of chancellor.

    Orthodox Church keeps inside her old flags of the eighteenth century that belonged to guilds of craftsmen in the area Hateg.

    Reserve Slivut bison in the forest is located about 3 km from Hateg and tourism is an important monument. Forest has been populated with bison because of the disappearance of this species in Romania. Many areas of the country were populated with the 47 cubs born in the forest buffalo Slivut.

    Orlea Sfantamaria Church is one of the oldest places of worship, built of stone, from Transylvania. The church was built in the second half of the thirteenth century.

    Orlea Sfantamaria Castle is a precious jewel of Baroque architecture in the eighteenth century. The castle was the residence Kendeffy family, some very well known noble Hateg. Nowadays the castle serves as a hotel for tourists who wish to enter into an atmosphere royal fairytale.

    Handicraft cooperatives "Hategana" was created for his skill with which the inhabitants of the surrounding Hateg and are endowed, thus taking advantage of traditional crafts. The Cooperative headquarters tourists can enjoy folk art exhibition includes textiles, embroideries and sewing folk motifs.

    Prislop Monastery is only 13km from the city, over 500 years old.

    Sarmizegetusa, the capital of Dacia, which is the approximate dates of the III-II century BC

    National Park Retezat important flora and fauna due to heritage conservation and specific high mountain landscape, with an area of 20,100 ha.

    St. Nicholas Church Densuş

    Besides all these objectives are in town Hateg still find numerous monuments of great historical and cultural value, located near the village.