May 1St Constanta, Romanian Seaside Romania summer 2022
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Hotel Megalos, Constanta

Hotel Megalos  

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Constanta, Romanian Seaside, Romania

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Constanta is situated in the same name County , in the south-eastern Romania. It is situated on the Black Sea coast in the lagoon area to the east, hilly in north and central, plains in south and west. Constanta has a private beach with a length of 6 km. The northern part of the district, Mamaia, the most populated seaside tourist resort, is located on the shores of a lagoon, with a 7 km long beach, beach continues with another 6 km in the city Navodari.

Constanta is the oldest attested city in Romania. The first document dates from 657 BC the current place peninsula (under water today, Casino right) formed a Greek colony called Tomis.

Recommendations for travel Constanta

* National Theatre, established in 2004, in theaters unification "Ovidius" and "Fantasio"
* Theatre of Opera and Ballet Oleg Danovski
* Natural Sciences Museum Complex
* Aquarium
* Navy Museum
* Folk Art Museum
* National Museum of History and Archaeology
* Sea Museum, the Museum of Constanta Port
* Museum of Sculpture "Ion Jalea.
* Casino
* New Mosque
* Greek Church