May 1St Miercurea Ciuc, Transilvania Romania 2023
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Hunguest Hotel Fenyo, Miercurea Ciuc

Hunguest Hotel Fenyo

Miercurea Ciuc, Transilvania, Romania

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    Miercurea Ciuc

    Miercurea Ciuc is the capital and largest city of Harghita County, Transylvania, Romania. The city is attested for the first time as Csíkszereda in a 1558 letter, referring to the weekly fairs held here on Wednesday. By the interwar period Romanian name of the town was Cicului Sereda, after which the name was translated into its present form.

    The city is situated at an altitude of 662 m, on the Olt River in the Ciuc Depression.

    One of the most important civil buildings of the city are Miko Fortress, built in 1623, ENT hospital (the building was originally built for border guard headquarters office) and infectious diseases hospital, both buildings dating from the late 1700s.

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    Must visit:
    Miko Castle, now has its headquarters here Secuiesc Museum of Ciuc.
    Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church, built in 1758 in baroque style.
    Orthodox Church of Saints Peter and Paul, built in 1930 in the modernist style architect Ferenc Berek (first Romanian church united, Greek-Catholic).
    Superior twins Museum, National Museum Department of Eastern Carpathians, based in Petofi Sandor street no. 23. The museum houses a permanent exhibition of ethnography "Interior peasant 'and other exhibitions tematico-traveling.
    Former County Council building, built in 1886 in eclectic style.
    Justice Palace, built in 1892 in eclectic style.
    St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral, built between 1929 and 1935 in Byzantine style.
    Márton Áron High School, built between 1909 and 1911, Secession style.
    Heroes Cemetery. It was created after World War on three terraces, near Pioneer Corps Battalion 2. Currently, the cemetery is no longer the root mean.
    Romanian hero monument.