May 1St Navodari, Romanian Seaside Romania summer 2020
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Vila La Mer Mamaia Nord, Navodari

Vila La Mer Mamaia Nord

Navodari, Romanian Seaside, Romania

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    The city is located in the central area Năvodari the county of Constanta, on the southern shore of Lake Tasaul and Siutghiol isthmus between it and the lake. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Constanta, its neighbors to the North - and the village of Lake Tasaul Sibioara, South - Lake Siutghiol and Mamaia, the West - the area of Light, and east - the Black Sea.

    Recommendations for travel Navodari

    Excursions are the main attractions in the area: the Black Sea coast, the Navy Museum, Aquarium, Planetarium, Museum of Roman mosaics, the Museum of Archaeology, Histria, Monument Adamclisi Delta, Vineyard Murfatlar in Mangalia Stud