May 1St Oradea, Crisana Romania 2021
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Hotel Ramada Oradea, Oradea

Hotel Ramada Oradea

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Oradea, Crisana, Romania

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Residence Stylish Stay Premium, Oradea

Residence Stylish Stay Premium

Oradea, Crisana, Romania

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    Hotel Dinamic Oradea, Oradea

    Hotel Dinamic Oradea

    Oradea, Crisana, Romania

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      About OradeaDetails and images of Oradea


      Oradea, Bihor county capital, is one of the important centers of economic, social and cultural development of NW Romania, retaining these characteristics throughout history. The city is nestled between the hills that separate and unify in a harmonious way with Plain Crisana and the ends of the Apuseni Mountains. Located on the banks Crisul Repede river, the river that divides the city into almost equal halves, it is the gateway to Central and Western European world.

      Oradea is first mentioned in 1113, a diploma in Zobor Benedictine abbey, the bishop's Sixtus name appears, but its roots are Roman-Dacian origin, certifying that the archaeological discoveries in the city Salca and Felix Resort, Romans and Dacians were established.

      Recommendations for travel Oradea

      Historical Buildings
      * Hall, monumental building, built by architect Kalman Jr. Rimanoczy Cris on the left bank of the river Crisul Repede, in the years 1902-1903
      * Black Eagle Palace with pedestrian passage, built in secession style between 1907-1908
      * State Theatre, dominating Ferdinand Market with his eclectic style in 1900
      * Greek-Catholic Bishopric Palace, completed in 1905 as a sample of the eclectic style with neo-Gothic influences
      * Senior Rimanoczy Palace, corner of Park Street Republic of Trajan, reproduction Ca d'Oro Venice Palace
      * Palace Rimanoczy Junior Ciorogariu Roman street, home to the headquarters of the Orthodox Bishop of Oradea and Salaj
      * At the east end of Oradea city is built a fortress in the eleventh century and became a true emblem of the city, identifying themselves with a unique pentagonal shape in Eastern Europe.
      * Baroque Palace (XVIII century), former and current episcopal, Cris Museum of sheltering in the past, the fifth largest museum institution in amount and in Romania and, with the Roman Catholic Basilica and Canonical Row, Baroque complex form - the large complex of buildings built in this style of architecture in Romania.

      Places of Worship
      * Church of the Moon, built in 1790. Show the exact moon phase.
      * Roman Catholic basilica
      * Greek-Catholic Church, "St. Nicholas"
      * St. Ladislaus Roman Catholic Church
      * Church Emanuel, the second largest European Baptist church.

      * Escape Club
      * Club Heat Club Lords
      * Club Bali Cafe Columbus
      * Segafredo Cafe, Cafe Paris
      * Cafe Semiramis
      * Restaurant Cyrano
      * Restaurant Medieval Leones
      * Restaurant-Pizzeria Bridge
      * Terrace Oradea
      * Terrace Club Downtown

      In the surrounding area
      Just a few kilometers from Oradea are famous May 1 and Felix spas. Among the sights here can be mentioned:

      * Lake with water lilies in "1 Mai" nature reserve that protects three protected species: Nymphaea Lotus Thermalis (variety is unique in Europe, relict of Tertiary age), fish "Rosioara Racovita" (endemic species, named after the Romanian naturalist Emil Racovita ) and the snail Melanopsis parreyssi (survivor of the last ice age).
      * Hill Şomleului karstic phenomenon, the pit or pit Betfia "Hudrea Bradii" (improperly called by locals "the Betfia Crater"). It has a depth of 86 meters, its shaft with a vertical drop of almost 54 meters).
      * Bath Spa Venus May 1.
      * Reserve water lilies in Baile Felix
      * Swimming pool with waves of Baile 1 Mai (the oldest in Romania, approx. 107 years)
      * Swimming pool with thermal water "Apollo"