Mountain Buzau, Muntenia Romania 2022
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Hotel Hadar Chalet, Buzau

Hotel Hadar Chalet

Buzau, Muntenia, Romania

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    Buzau is located in the center of the county, 120 km from Bucharest, in southeastern Romania, and occupies a total area of ​​81.3 km2.

    The municipality lies in the Carpathians bend curvature at the junction of roads between the three Romanian provinces: Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia. Buzău River, on whose right bank is forms the northern boundary of the city. City shape is elongated, the largest city along the river. Buzau occupies altitudes from 101 meters in the northwest near the hills to 88 meters close to the river, averaging 95 meters (as is the altitude in the center of the market Dacia). Thus, Buzau is a city in a flat relief, with an altitude difference of 10 meters along a line of 4 km.