New Year Bistrita, Transilvania Romania 2024
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Hotel Bistrita, Bistrita

Hotel Bistrita

Bistrita, Transilvania, Romania

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Located in the foothills north of Romania Bargaului, Bistrita-Nasaud Bistrita is the county seat of 87,000 people with. The first documentary attestation dates from 1264. Residence of Bistrita - Nasaud, Bistrita is located in the northeast of Transylvania Plateau in Bistrita depression. Bistrita is located on level ground at an altitude of 356 m.

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Surroundings provides important tourism potential. Thus, in the northern part of town is the Castle Hill where there are still traces of a medieval fortress and Fair Hill which links to the country Nasaud, a true center of cultural tradition.
In the east, is Bargaului Valley tourist area which links the huts; in the south of the city near the river Bistrita Hill is Codrisor whose forest offers pleasant leisure. At about 40 km from Bistrita is Sangeorz Bai resort.