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Hotel Bradul , Vatra Dornei

Hotel Bradul   

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Vatra Dornei, Bucovina, Romania

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  Last booking: 03/25/2020

Vila Boem, Gura Humorului

Vila Boem

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Gura Humorului, Bucovina, Romania

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Abount Bucovina


Suceava is located in the north-east of Romania and is built on two geographical areas: the hills and river valleys of Suceava.

The relief of the city and surrounding area is very varied with a fragmented form of plateaus and hills (Zamca, 385 m, Vine, 376 m; Monastery, 375 m; Ţarinca, 435 m) separated by river valleys Suceava, Scheia, Fair River, Bogdana and Mill Creek.

The main relief units in the city and surrounding area, the Quaternary age can be classified into three main groups:
- Highlands, represented by Hill Zamca and Hill City, the hills only meet in the south-east of the city;
- Delluvial slopes (about 25% of the surface), assets arising from the dynamics of geomorphological processes (landslides, erosion and linear areola) are found mainly in the upper basin of the River Valley Fair, on the west and south slopes and east of the hill Zamca on the right side of Suceava;
- Alluvial plains, which are shaped in the form of steps, interlocked in nature.