New Year Dej, Transilvania Romania 2021
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Cabana Viilor, Dej

Cabana Viilor

Dej, Transilvania, Romania

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    Dej is a municipality in the county of Cluj, Transylvania, Romania, consisting of the component localities Dej, Ocna Dejului, Cave, Pintic and Șomcutu Mic. It is located 57 km northeast of the city of Cluj-Napoca, at the confluence between the Someșul Mare and Someșul Mic rivers.

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    To visit:
    - Municipal Museum Dej: located in the city center;
    - Reformed church: built in Gothic style, in 1453-1536, with a 72 m high tower;
    - The statue "Lupa Capitolina": the symbol of the latinity of the Romanian people;
    - the ruins of Kornis Castle;
    - Port Dej;
    - Toroc Spa Park in Ocna Dejului.