New Year Garda De Sus, Muntii Apuseni Romania winter 2022
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Garda De Sus

Comuna Garda de Sus is located on the upper Great Aries, in the heart of Apuseni Mountains Biharia foot, the highest peak and the bulk of the Western Carpathians dominated Curcubăta Mare (1849 m). The location of villages in the commune falls Garda de Sus the characteristic area of the Apuseni Mountains are scattered everywhere in groups of three to ten houses forming hamlets, or in groups of ten to fifteen houses plus neighboring hamlets forming villages.

Recommendations for travel Garda De Sus

- Scărişoara Cave Nature Reserve (1 ha).
- Measles Nature Reserve Police (1 ha).
- Ordâncuşei Gorge Nature Reserve (10 ha).
- Hoanca Water Nature Reserve (1 ha).
- Nature Reserve at your pothole (1 ha).
- Nature Reserve in the mud pit (1 ha).
- Izbucul Nature Reserve Police (0.2 ha).
- Nature Reserve to the houses Dobreşti Izbucul (0.2 ha).
- Nature Reserve in Zgurăşti Glacier (1 ha).
- Cave Nature Reserve Gate Ionele (1 ha).