New Year Geoagiu Bai, Transilvania Romania 2023
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Germisara Hotel Resort Spa, Geoagiu Bai

Germisara Hotel Resort Spa    

   Score 8.6/10 out of 80 reviews

Geoagiu Bai, Transilvania, Romania

  • Hotel with wi-fi Internet  
  • No transport provided

  Last booking: 10/29/2022

Hotel Aida, Geoagiu Bai

Hotel Aida    

   Score 7.9/10 out of 5 reviews

Geoagiu Bai, Transilvania, Romania

  • Hotel near beach  
  • No transport provided

  Last booking: 09/28/2022

Hotel Diana, Geoagiu Bai

Hotel Diana

   Score 8.4/10 out of 5 reviews

Geoagiu Bai, Transilvania, Romania

  • Full Board  
  • No transport provided
Hotel Ceres, Geoagiu Bai

Hotel Ceres

   Score 9.7/10 out of 3 reviews

Geoagiu Bai, Transilvania, Romania

    • No transport provided

    About Geoagiu BaiDetails and images of Geoagiu Bai

    Geoagiu Bai

    Geoagiu City is situated at the confluence with the lower river Mures Geoagiu in a depression formed in the last branch of the Ore Mountains.

    The village is known by the Romans when Gemisara and was named after Dodoni Thermae. Unearthing the statues representing the witness stand Aegean Aesculapius and intense life of those times.

    The climate is moderate depression intramontane, soothing, mild winters (average January temperature of -2 degrees Celsius) and pleasant summers (July average temperature around 20 degrees). The average annual temperature is 9.

    Recommendations for travel Geoagiu Bai


    * Mountain Hiking Trails
    (Mazi Gorges, Gorges peppers, Bacaiei Gorges, Gorges Cibului still water, Cigmaului Cave, Cave and Waterfall Geoagiu Bai)
    * Roman Thermal Baths (Germisara)
    * Church of the "Rotonda"
    * Roman camp (located in the village Cimagiu)
    The longer you can visit the nearby Corvin Castle - Medieval fortress of Hunedoara.