New Year Lacu Rosu, Transilvania Romania winter 2022
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Hotel Turist, Lacu Rosu

Hotel Turist  

Lacu Rosu, Transilvania, Romania

  • Hotel with indoor pool  
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  Last booking: 06/10/2021

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Lacu Rosu

Red Lake is a natural dam lake, situated at the foot of Hasmas Mountains, near the town of Gheorgheni, Harghita County. It is the largest natural mountain lake in Romania name from Red Creek, crossing the layers of red, iron oxides and hydroxides.
Red Lake Resort is a paradise for those seeking relaxation and rest. Situated in the eastern part of Transylvania in the Eastern Carpathians, Red Lake and Gorge Gorge is a region of unique beauty in the world.

Recommendations for travel Lacu Rosu

Red Lake Resort offers fans trip itineraries particularly appealing:

Circuitul Lacului Rosu (durata 1 1/2 ora, marcaj - cruce rosie)

Cheile Bicazului (durata 3 - 3 1/2 ore dus-intors, fara marcaj, pe DN 12C).

Varful Suhardu Mic (durata 2-3 ore dus-intors, diferenta de nivel 370 m, marcaj - triunghi albastru)

Varful Suhardu Mare (durata 3 ore dus-intors, diferenta de nivel 524 m, marcaj - triunghi albastru pana la Saua Suhardului, mai departe fara marcaj).

Varful Ucigasu (durata 3 ore dus-intors, diferenta de nivel 401 m, marcaj - banda galbena si triunghi rosu).