New Year Rasnov, Bran Moeciu Romania winter 2022
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Hotel Radsor, Rasnov

Hotel Radsor    

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Rasnov, Bran Moeciu, Romania

  • Full Board  
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  Last booking: 09/07/2021

Cuibul De Lemn, Rasnov

Cuibul De Lemn  

Rasnov, Bran Moeciu, Romania

  • Hotel near to ski slope  
  • No transport provided
Cristian Inn, Rasnov

Cristian Inn

Rasnov, Bran Moeciu, Romania

    • No transport provided
    Villa Cristiani, Rasnov

    Villa Cristiani

    Rasnov, Bran Moeciu, Romania

      • No transport provided

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      Rasnov is located in the south west of Barsa (Barsa depression) at the foot of Bucegi Mountains and the northern end of the corridor (the pass) Rucar Predeal, Bran and key. Râ history begins with more than 2,000 years ago when the village territory cumidavensi Dacians lived. Râ ancient name is "Komidava" became latinized toponym "Cumidava" and this form is first mentioned on a stone monument of Emperor Alexander Severus. The first documentary attestation of Râ appears in 1331 under the name "Rosnou" and in the chronicles and documents reappear later under the names "Rosnow (1343)," Rasnow "(1377)," Rosinov "(1377)," Villa Rosarum "(1388)," Rosenau "," Rajnov "and in medieval and modern times is said to belong among the 12 villages forming the district of Brasov mentioned in documents in 1377.

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