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Parcul Natural Bucegi

Bucegi Nature Park is located entirely in the Bucegi Massif Meridional Carpathians, developed as an open amphitheater south, on the territory of three counties: Dambovita, Arges and Brasov. Park area is 32,663 ha, of which 60% 30% forest and pastures in the Community Administration alpine.Sediul Moroieni Dambovita county.

Diverse topography, geological structure and over 2500 m altitude allowed the installation of a rich and varied flora - over 3500 known species of plants many of which are protected by law (Taxus baccata L. - Tisa, Leontopodium alpinum (L.

Recommendations for travel Parcul Natural Bucegi

Popular tourist routes:

Route 5 Logs (885m) waterfall waterfall (1100m), marking the red dot. Duration 1 ˝ hours.

Hawaii Route 7 (885m), Valley Chalet Jepilor Caraiman (2025m), Old Women Chalet (2200m), Hotel Cave (1610m) Cabana Padina (1525m), Bolboci Chalet (1460m) Cabana Zănoaga (1400m) - Cabana Scropoasa (1205m ) Dobreşti (1000m), Camp Deer - Pucheni (800m). Blue cross mark. Duration 11 to 12 ˝ hours.

Hawaii Route 10 (885m) Cabana Gura Diham (987m), Glade Springs Chalet (1455m), La Prepeleac (1750m), Omu (2505m), Old Mount (2181m), Strunga Saddle (1909m). Tag red tape. Duration: 8 ˝ - 10 hours.