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Polovragi is located in Polovragi Depression, Gorj County, a depression located in the south-western central part of the country, being part of the Subcarpathian Oltean Depression between Bistrița Vâlcii and Tismana, being in the middle of the distance between Târgu Jiuâ Râmnicu.

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Polovragi Cave (Pahomie Cave) with a length of 9,200 m (which also includes branches), being one of the longest in the country, electrified on a length of 700 m, which is open to the general public.
Olteţ Gorges with a length of 2,000 m., Due to their narrowness, verticality and dizzying height of the walls, compete with the famous Bicaz Keys.
The traditional "Nedeia de Polovragi" pastoral holiday dates back to the 17th century when shepherds from Gorj, Valcea, Alba and Sibiu met to exchange goods and discuss mountain living and herd life.
The Holy Monastery of Polovragi - situated in a picturesque setting, at the foot of Mount Povra Polovragilor, near the Olteţ Gorges, in an orchard with fruit trees and edible chestnuts, reminiscent of the mild climate of the Tismana and Bistrita Monasteries.
Ursache's Cross It rises above the Monastery of Polovragi, on a mountain peak called "Stone of Polovragilor", a memorial monument erected in 1800 in memory of a peak of the Novacilor plains, which are inscribed in Slavonic. The cross also marks the location of the Dacian complex.
Museum in Polovragi Commune - you can admire several traditional costumes and old objects, in the headquarters of the Culture House in the commune.
The upper slopes - the medieval monument of the Ursache Cross and two Geto-Dacian fortresses from Burebista's time.
Dacian fortress - is located on Mount Padeș, at an altitude of about 1000 m, on the left bank of the Olteț river.