Rest And Relaxation Clisura Dunarii, Clisura Dunarii Romania 2022
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Complex Danube Village, Clisura Dunarii

Complex Danube Village  

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Clisura Dunarii, Clisura Dunarii, Romania

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Clisura Dunarii

Boilers Danube ... Once the fear seafarers, wild river once lazy and slowly slid today as a golden snake.
Mirrored in its waters, exploding in showers sparkling spring sun flowing like a lava, among steep banks. Deep and wide as she was not seen as ever, deeply Danubius hide secrets long forgotten. Among its undisturbed sands lying legend Ada Kaleh, villages and churches in their eternal sleep of shimmering waves. Sviniţa, Ieselnita, Dubova and other settlements on the Boilers have experienced the tragedy of displacement to make way for the lake and the Iron Gates dam.