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La Conacul Vesel, Sapanta

La Conacul Vesel

Sapanta, Maramures, Romania

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Pensiunea Plai Cu Peri, Sapanta

Pensiunea Plai Cu Peri

Sapanta, Maramures, Romania

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Vila Perla Sapanteana, Sapanta

Vila Perla Sapanteana

Sapanta, Maramures, Romania

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    Pensiunea Montana, Sapanta

    Pensiunea Montana

    Sapanta, Maramures, Romania

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      Sapanta village is located on the right bank of the Tisza River in the valley of the terrace, near the confluence Sapanta and Tisza, in the extreme north of Romania, Maramures Country. The village is situated about 18 km from Sighet Marmatiei.

      Village area is approximately 150 square kilometers and includes meadows, terraced hills and mountains. The settlement is dominated by Sapanta Stone, an impressive volcanic formation.

      Attested in the 1300s, known in 1373 under the name "Zapancha" Sapanta city, part of the historical Maramures, his name may be derived after the statement poet John Alexander, from the Latin Sapientia (wisdom).

      Recommendations for travel Sapanta

      Merry Cemetery
      Ioan Stan Patras Memorial House (House Master)
      Peri Monastery

      Ignis Mountains Trails - Gutai:
      - To S Sapanta Valley - Stone Borcutului - Red Water - confluence - SE - Head Face - Custurii Peak (931m alt) - confluence - the Source of the Three IS Magura - Magura Minor (1123m alt) - Obarsiei Peak (1102m another ) - Durgalas Peak (1083m alt) - S - Cabana Plesca - SV - Springs Resort

      - To S Sapanta Valley - Stone Borcutului - Red Water - confluence - S Sapanta Valley - Stones hawk - S - Saddle Poiana Lunga (1093m alt) - SE - Iezerul Dumitru - Taul Dumitru - Great Plesca Peak (1292m another ) - V - Tarsem Peak (1194m alt) - S - Iezerele Stedia Mare - fork:
      - For V Blidari Valley - Great Chicera Peak (1048m alt) - Firiza Valley - S - Firiza (village) - Lake Firiza
      - Southeast Valley Steaza - Springs Resort

      - To S Sapanta Valley - Stone Borcutului - Red Water - confluence - V Nadosa Valley - Vezeu Peak (1027m alt) - Mare Peak (1044m alt) - Step Huta (586m alt) - SV - Huta Certeze (village)