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Hotel Dambovita, Targoviste

Hotel Dambovita

Targoviste, Muntenia, Romania

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Hotel King, Targoviste

Hotel King

Targoviste, Muntenia, Romania

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Hotel Valahia, Targoviste

Hotel Valahia

Targoviste, Muntenia, Romania

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Nova, Targoviste


Targoviste, Muntenia, Romania

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    Hotel Tolea, Targoviste

    Hotel Tolea

    Targoviste, Muntenia, Romania

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      About TargovisteDetails and images of Targoviste


      The old fortress, Targoviste is located in central-southern part of Romania on a high terrace of 260m above the valley Ialomita, the boundary between the High Plains region and the Carpathian foothills of Targoviste, Dambovita River that includes the interfluve between the Ialomita river and to contact with "plain ramble, low and monotonous, being an extension of the hilly plains.

      Recommendations for travel Targoviste

      Museum of Printing and Book is one of the first Romanian cultural institutions of this kind in the country - was opened on May 11, 1967 visit.

      Targovisteni Writers Museum was inaugurated on 30 December 1968 and is housed in I. The writer's house. Bratescu Voinesti, where he created most of his work
      The museum contains three sections: the first reveals the role of Targoviste cultural center of the country, shows the national reawakening poets, born in Targoviste and includes writers brought to life for a moment or an eternity in this city.
      The last two rooms are devoted to the life and work of I.Al. Bratescu Voinesti. With his family refurbished office working writer.
      In the library find numerous books on philosophy, science and literature, many with autographs or containing notes take the reader. There's a cello, which is reminiscent of extra literary passions, some photographers of the parents, wife and friends, along with a bronze bust.
      Targovisteni Writers Museum presents visitors, first editions, correspondence, old furniture, objects of the memorial, art, photos that come in a perfect way to illustrate the talent scriitoricesc, kneading people's culture in these places.

      History Museum of Targoviste operates in the former court building, an architectural monument, built in 1902. It includes collections of archaeological and historical pieces that reflect the evolution of the county and the city of Targoviste from prehistoric to modern times. Besides the exhibition, the museum organizes temporary exhibitions annually in the ground floor spaces, as well as conferences, symposia and performances.

      Dealu Monastery was built probably during the reign of Mircea the Old, but appears in documents in 1431, during the reign of Alexandru Aldea. Certainly we know that the church was founded by Prince Radu cel Mare, in the period 1499-1501.

      Royal Court or in other words, aulic complex was built between XIV-XVII centuries and was the place where the gentlemen who have resided here and eventually led the Romanian Country. Design is the center of the struggle for independence and the outbreak of culture and civilization.

      Stelea Museum Complex is a complex of monuments of medieval architecture and religious art.

      House Petrascu workshop `` `` George was inaugurated as a permanent exhibition on 12 April 1970. The building recalls the moments spent by the visitor who is bound by its sails Targoviste, the city received in 1922 when he built a house here, the city peacefully, patriarchal, which attracts both history left in ruins by the Royal Court but also the peace and calm.
      Influenced by Nicolae Grigorescu, Gheorghe Petrascu detach from it and create an original style, made in how to expose a paste consistency canvas full of shine.
      Museum exhibits and objects of the memorial, photos, letters, peneluri, easels, personal items etc.. Who came to make the connection between the visitor and soul of the painter's artistic fights.

      Metropolitan Complex - The current archbishop's cathedral is dedicated `` and `` Ascension is located near downtown Targoviste. With all that moved Mircea the Old, in the year 1400, the royal seat in Targoviste, Metropolitan Arges remained until 1515.
      Neagoe in 1518, asking for absolution Nifon Metropolitan, Metropolitan building begins in Targoviste. Construction was completed in 1537 during Bob Paisie, Neagoe successor.
      All this is covered with a sheet of lead and Buit. Some historians believe that the church dates from the reign of Radu the Great (1495-1508) and it was modified by adding Neagoe open porch on three sides and supported by 12 columns.

      Gate Bucharest, historic city of great significance for the 33 princes, greeted him as the traveler walks for the first time in Targoviste.