Rest And Relaxation Voineasa, Valea Lotrului Romania winter 2023
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Vilele Vidra, Voineasa

Vilele Vidra

Voineasa, Valea Lotrului, Romania

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It is a rest and treatment resort of national importance, open in all seasons, located in southern central part of Romania, at the southern end of Lotru Mountains (Southern Carpathians), Lotru River valley at an altitude of 600-800 m, 60 km northwest of the city of Ramnicu Valcea (seat of Valcea county) which is connected by a modernized road.

Recommendations for travel Voineasa

Monasteries Valcea: Valcea county is situated on the territory of religious art monuments such as the monastery Cozia Hurezi, Govora Bistrita Monastery in a timber, crumbled, Arnota, each with its own history, as much interesting as it is disturbing.

Vidra Lake - man-made lake formed in 1972 has a volume of 340 million m3, area 940 ha, length 9 km. The lake is surrounded by spruce forests.

Great Salt mines
Mari is located Ocnele Valcea county, in central-southern part of Romania, Valcea Sub-Carpathians area, along the valley Hair Sarat. Great Salt mines has recently been arranged for visitors.

Horezu, of culture and civilization, is included as one of the important sights of our country.

Massive tails
Village Museum, Bujoreni

Ostroveni Recreation Area

For summer recreation area Ostroveni is a mandatory destination. Bath is the main attraction, which is waiting to cool off while fishing and camping on the lake can fill recreational activities.