Seaside For All Costinesti, Romanian Seaside Romania summer 2022
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Hotel Vraja Marii, Costinesti

Hotel Vraja Marii  

Costinesti, Romanian Seaside, Romania

  • Hotel with wi-fi Internet  
  • Airplane (06/18 - 09/16/2022)
  • No transport provided

  Last booking: 04/18/2022

Hotel Stefania, Costinesti

Hotel Stefania  

   Score 7.9/10 out of 11 reviews

Costinesti, Romanian Seaside, Romania

  • Full Board  
  • Airplane (06/20 - 09/16/2022)
  • No transport provided

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Costinesti, the capital of youth on the coast, is the summer resort with varied and numerous elements that distinguish it from other pearls Siragul vacation resorts on the Romanian Black Sea shore.

Costinesti center is the largest youth summer vacation. After several days spent in the tourist resort realizes another specific Costinesti: good mood. Youthful and refreshing way of life here can be found in other seaside resorts. Youth at the seaside resort, which started a tourist brochures describe four decades ago as a tent camp with minimal design, now forms the major details of summer vacations.

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Costinesti sights
Obelix at the beach, canal and lake Costinesti, wreck, French Bay, convent for nuns, fishermen, beach nudist, Youth Disco, Disco Ring.

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It is illegal. Prostitutes can easily become a victim of theft or scams.

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