Seniors Cluj Napoca, Transilvania Romania 2021
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Circuit Cluj Napoca Si Nordul Transilvaniei Autocar Senior Voyage 2021, Cluj Napoca

Circuit Cluj Napoca Si Nordul Transilvaniei Autocar Senior Voyage 2021

Cluj Napoca, Transilvania, Romania

    • Bus (06/14 - 09/17/2021)
      Departures in date: 06/14, 08/30, 09/13

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    Cluj Napoca

    Cluj-Napoca is located in the heart of Transylvania, with an area of 179.5 km ². Located on the relationship between the Apuseni Mountains, Transylvania Somes Plateau and Plain, the city is located at the intersection of parallel 46 ° 46 'N, longitude 23 ° 36' E. It lies on the Somes Mic and Nadas river valleys, and some extensions, the Popeştiului side valleys, Chintau, Borhanciului and Kings.

    Recommendations for travel Cluj Napoca

    • Museum of Art - an art museum, located in the palace of Count Bánffy.
    • National History Museum of Transylvania - the permanent exhibitions are divided into sections, which focuses each major period of time.
    • Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania - with over 80 years old, is the largest of its kind in Romania.
    • Village Museum - the most comprehensive open-air museum in Romania and sixth in Europe.
    • Museum of Speleology "Emil Racovita" - the only museum dedicated to the memory of Romania Emil Racoviţă and cave science.
    • Church of St. Michael "
    • Reformed Church
    • Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral Cluj, Alba, Crisana and Maramures
    • Cathedral Transfiguration, "the Diocese of Cluj-Gherla
    • Church of Calvary "
    • Franciscan Church
    • House and the Statue of Matthias Corvinus
    • Bánffy Palace
    • Piarist Church
    • Romanian National Theatre and Opera
    • bastion
    • Bob Church