Skiing Banesti, Valea Prahovei Romania winter 2022
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Casa Augsburg Wellness, Banesti

Casa Augsburg Wellness

Banesti, Valea Prahovei, Romania

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    Pensiunea Forest Mirage, Banesti

    Pensiunea Forest Mirage

    Banesti, Valea Prahovei, Romania

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      The village is situated on the Prahova Valley, about 30 km. And 3 km northwest of Ploiesti. SE Campina, in time profited from the advantages of commercial road Prahova Valley (1431-1433), which connects the Brasov and Romanian Country, the period when the city is mentioned Comarnic.

      Aurel Vlaicu, in his attempt to cross the Carpathians and perished in the village money. Here, instead of its passage into nothingness, DN1 road along a beautiful monument rises, pays homage to the courage, an eagle with open wings, aimed to conquer the Carpathians to smash the boundaries of the sons of the same nation, 13 September is a date children remained alive in memory Banestiului then, when the metal bird driven by Aurel Vlaicu village collapsed downstream of money.