Skiing Romanian Seaside Romania winter 2020
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Blumenhotel, Venus


Venus, Romanian Seaside, Romania

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    Abount Romanian Seaside

    Romanian Seaside

    Mamaia - the biggest and most famous resort in Romania, located in the north of Constanta, known as the Pearl of the Romanian coast, is a stretch of sandy beach, which stretches over a length of about 8 km. its west side of the lake lying Siutghiol. The beach is dotted with numerous hotels, swimming pools, discos, parks, playgrounds, and a summer theater. Mamaia resort offers guests the possibility to practice water sports, fishing lake and Mamaia.

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    Top statiuni de pe litoralul romanesc

    07.05.2018 Romania

    Plajele, care se întind de la Mangalia până la Mamaia, sunt mărginite de stațiuni de pe litoralul românesc, cu hoteluri și numeroase facilități sportive și de divertisment. Găsești plaje generoase cu nisip fin în Mamaia, Eforie, Neptun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn si Mangalia.