Skiing Tismana, Oltenia Romania winter 2023
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Vila Ursu, Tismana

Vila Ursu

Tismana, Oltenia, Romania

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Tismana is a town in Gorj County, Oltenia, Romania, declared city only on 5 April 2004. The village is known because at North River Valley Tismana is Tismana monastery and here are made carpets Tismana and Oltenia,symbols of traditional art and craft , and there isplenty of hunting. The city includes some of the Cerna Valley National Park and Domogled and is bordered on the north Retezat National Park.

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Area of interest:

* Caves
(Gura Plai Cave beads, Outlaws, Pargavului, Cave of Frost, Water speckled Crown Cave, Cave of Pargavu, Cave Monastery Tismana, Procuii Caves, Caverns Sohodolului, Fusteica of the Izvarna, Bat Cave, Raut's Cave)

* Geographical Highlights
(Stei tail tip Tihomir, Cut stone or stone of Iorgovan, Column Furniei (Mother), Gavanele of Eorni, Topesti Fortresses, Menhirs of Gorgan, The Izvarna Sohodolului Gorge)

* Protected natural areas and natural monuments of national interest
(Stone Sohodol Andreae, Sources Izvarnei Izvarna, Cave Mouth Plaiului Topesti, Hazelnut Bend Tismana, Botanical Reserve Cioclovina Tismana Tismana-Pocruia Tismana Forest, Mount Oslea Tismana and Padeş, Cornet and Tismana Pocruii Pocruia)

* Places of Worship
(Tismana Monastery, Church of the Annunciation of the gorge entrance Tismana Valley, Lower Hermitage Cioclovina - dated 1715, Upper Hermitage Cioclovina - dated 1714, The wooden church in the village Gornoviţa - 1764, Church in the village of Vanata - 1714, Church of the city Sohodol - 1720, , church-Ungureni Tismana city, churches Costesti Isvarna, Celei)

* Trout Tismana