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Hotel Vaslui, Vaslui

Hotel Vaslui

Vaslui, Moldavia, Romania

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    Motel Don Tomaso, Vaslui

    Motel Don Tomaso

    Vaslui, Moldavia, Romania

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    Racova, Vaslui


    Vaslui, Moldavia, Romania

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      Europa, Vaslui


      Vaslui, Moldavia, Romania

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        La Livada, Vaslui

        La Livada

        Vaslui, Moldavia, Romania

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          Complex Noblesse Vaslui, Vaslui

          Complex Noblesse Vaslui

          Vaslui, Moldavia, Romania

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            Pensiunea Poliana, Vaslui

            Pensiunea Poliana

            Vaslui, Moldavia, Romania

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              Don Tomaso, Vaslui

              Don Tomaso

              Vaslui, Moldavia, Romania

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                About VasluiDetails and images of Vaslui


                Vaslui is a municipality located in eastern Romania, Vaslui county of historic Moldova region near the border with Moldova. The accession of Romania to the European Union, Vaslui county became the eastern border of the Union. Border crossing point Albiţa reaching the highest in Eastern Europe. From the municipality became part: Vaslui, Bahnari, Brodoc, Mill Greeks, Rediu, Viişoara. It is attested in 1375.

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                Monuments and historical sites

                Church reign "Beheading. John the Baptist" - located next to school no. 6 "Mihai Eminescu" is founded by Stephen the Great;
                Orthodox Church "St. St. Constantine and Elena Mine";
                Church "Assumption" - located next to Hotel Europa, founded by Stephen the Great in 1490 In 1859 the place of worship is burned. In the same year Neculai Chiriac Hagi began to raise the present church and was completed by his nephew Demetrius Castroian becoming the city's Cathedral. It is built in neoclassical style, with Russian influence;
                Orthodox Church "Saint Arch. Michael and Gabriel" - built in 1998 Moldavian style;
                Orthodox Church "Saint. Trinity "Eternity cemetery;
                Curcanu Peneş Mausoleum - built in 1934, was made ​​of marble, stone and bronze, erected in memory of the heroes who fought in Vaslui Revolutionary War and World War;
                Independence Monument in Independence Square;
                Monument "Fallen Heroes Vaslui to complete the race" - in front of the House Armed
                Monument to heroes of World War II - located opposite the MK High School;


                Fortress of land - located on straw hill 2.5 km southwest of the city.
                Archaeological Park "royal courts" - is an archaeological complex type princely residence, dating from the fifteenth century to the nineteenth century. It is located next to the church rule "Beheading. John the Baptist". The surface on which it is built is 10,000 square meters park.

                Cultural institutions, museums
                Palace of Justice.

                Mavrocordat Palace - is raised at the end of the nineteenth century (1892) by George Mavrocordat. Currently home to the Children's Palace;
                Ghica House - the oldest secular building in the town of Vaslui, belonging Elena Ghica, sister of the last ruler of Moldavia - Grigore Ghica, made ​​at the beginning of the nineteenth century;
                Palace of Justice - located near the Independence Monument, built at the end of sec. nineteenth century;
                Houses Mădârjac and Ornescu - made ​​in the nineteenth century;
                House of Culture "Constantin Tanase" - built in 1972 with an auditorium of 575 seats. This festival is held annually humor "Constantin Tanase" - in early October;
                County Library "Nicolae Milescu backrest"
                County Museum "Stefan cel Mare" - the museum contains sections of archeology, history, medieval and contemporary, ethnographic, and contemporary art salon of humor "Constantin Tanase"