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Vila Flora Viseu De Jos, Viseu De Jos

Vila Flora Viseu De Jos

Viseu De Jos, Maramures, Romania

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    Viseu De Jos

    Viseu de Jos commune is located in the south-east of Maramures Depression, settled on both sides of the Viseu River, at a distance of 117 km of county, city of Baia Mare and at a distance of 6 km from Viseu de Sus at a medium altitude, with an area of 5,600 ha. Viseu de Jos is composed of a single locality, namely Viseu de Jos, free and neighboring villages belonging to Viseu de Sus, Upper Salistea south, south-west by Bogdan Voda, east Rozavlea north Leordina-west to north under Ruscova and Mountain Meadows.

    Viseu de Jos, the settlement is documented in 1353, the year recorded in several documents written as free village inhabited by kniezates and princes.

    Recommendations for travel Viseu De Jos

    In the surroundings of the village you can visit:

    - Vaser as special tourist area, narrow track, train steam locomotive (Mocăniţa)
    - Wine Valley as places of leisure plus the mineral waters here
    - Merry Cemetery Săpânţa famous for famous graves Circuits colorful naive paintings depicting scenes from the life and occupation of the people buried (Lower Vişeul - dreams Up - Sighet - Săpânţa-76 km).