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Boilers Danube ... Once the fear seafarers, wild river once lazy and slowly slid today as a golden snake.
Mirrored in its waters, exploding in showers sparkling spring sun flowing like a lava, among steep banks. Deep and wide as she was not seen as ever, deeply Danubius hide secrets long forgotten. Among its undisturbed sands lying legend Ada Kaleh, villages and churches in their eternal sleep of shimmering waves. Sviniţa, Ieselnita, Dubova and other settlements on the Boilers have experienced the tragedy of displacement to make way for the lake and the Iron Gates dam.

"Clisura" is a word of Byzantine origin and means "city situated at the mouth of a gorge. As you pass the mouth of rocks Babacai Valley, which marks the beginning Clisurii marker, the road winds alongside the soft water, no waves and no surface currents.
Anyway, Clisurii territory, you can stop to admire heaven. On one hand, rocky hills, the parks and natural reserves, protected forests with varieties of plants and birds unique in the world. And on the other, lazy thread Danube. Nature lovers will be delighted with rare trees and shrubs, the martin colonies.

The landscape is rural, nostalgic, with room for sheep and cattle, with lanterns provided free to overnight romantic youth. Naidasului ridge, the sun shines down, warming horn vipers, the Great Valley nature reserve is to be found imposing silver lime and rock Babacaia gather colorful and noisy flocks of birds. Not far away, reserve Rapa mixed with martin, Divici Valley or in Sviniţa fig orchards are salt and pepper first part, the Mediterranean, the Clisurii. Only here you will find bat of Banat, large ivy, lime sulfur or flowering. Then stop to admire the purple and Turkish hazel, but paleontological Sviniţa Reserve, a site famous in Europe, full of Jurassic ammonites of the environment. If you're hungry and want to eat as the Banat, you can halt at one of the many restaurants on the route, but if you want to take a Serbian lunch, stop in the village and ask Socola: Ghiban (cheese pie), prebranat (beans low) cavurma (prepared from organs), dulcinite (pumpkin pie), bucicanite (pancakes), the dude rockets. You will be served in the sweetest style Banat.

After 1989, many locals have built on the tongue of land here and there escaped, miraculously, the Great Flood. Some even have built holiday houses "at the bottom of life" or the last place in the former plum and apple orchards, dry like the pain after the "brothers" covered by water. But there are enough people who thought things in economic terms, building hostels. Fine, in harmony with the charm of the place and no loud in other places, like the water grows as lake homes, decorated with some exceptions, banks in taste colors and shapes. Equipped with floating pontoons, with pleasure and fishing boats, with a comfort varied from two to four flowers, the Clisura hostels seem to be more houses for feasts for friends, than hotel units.

The largest settlements in the Danube are Clisura Orsova city and town Moldova Noua. All of Clisura Delta and municipalities are Socol Pojejena, Coronini, flasks, SICHEVITA, Berzasca in Caras-Severin and Sviniţa, Dubova, Eselnita, Ilovita and Breznita-bypass Mehedinti county.

Clisura Dunarii | Boilers Danube ... Once the fear seafarers, wild river once lazy and slowly slid today as a golden snake.
Mirrored in its waters, exploding in showers sparkling spring sun flowing like a lava, among steep banks

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