Black Friday Maramures, Maramures Romania 2023
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Hotel Pensiunea Valea Cu Salcami, Maramures

Hotel Pensiunea Valea Cu Salcami

Maramures, Maramures, Romania

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Maramures is a county in Maramures region in the north-western Romania, residing in Baia Mare. In terms of traditional culture, the current district consists of four areas (ethno-folklore) distinct Chioarului Country, Country Lapus, Maramures Country (half northeast of Maramures History) and Country Codrului (south-west) , plus Metropolitan Area Baia Mare.

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Maramures Museum Complex
Ethnography Sighet
Ethnography and Folk Art Museum Baia Mare
Baia Mare Artistic Centre - Museum of Art
Florean Museum
Mineralogy Museum Baia Mare
Sighet Memorial Museum
County Museum of History and Archaeology in Baia Mare
Monuments of architecture and folk art from Maramures
The historical center of Baia Mare
The historic center Sighet
Stephen's Tower
Wooden Churches of Maramures
Wooden Churches of Lapus
Wooden Churches of Chioar
Merry Cemetery in Săpânţa
Monasteries in Maramures
Barsana Monastery
Peri-Săpânţa Monastery
Monastery of Moisei
Monastery of Santa Ana in Rohia