Christmas Murighiol, Delta Dunarii Romania 2021
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Circuit Delta Dunarii Un Craciun De Neratat Senior Voyage Autocar, Murighiol

Circuit Delta Dunarii Un Craciun De Neratat Senior Voyage Autocar

Murighiol, Delta Dunarii, Romania

    • Bus (12/23 - 12/27/2021)
      Departures in date: 12/23

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    City Murighiol is attractive for those who spend their vacations in the Delta.
    Murighiol town with a rich history that comes from the ancient hearth of the village were present when the Black Sea port, and the old Danubiu, enjoy some advantages they have only a few Romanian localities.

    Two steps from the village opens kingdom of Delta waters. Murighiol Razelm Lakes and surrounds the city, and the cobweb of canals around these lakes can get into areas of the wildest and picturesque Danube Delta Biosphere Reserved. Besides the lush landscape of water specific provinces, which constitute an irresistible attraction for nature lovers, MURIGHIOL has the advantage of being accessible to tourists who do not have enough time to vacation.

    Recommendations for travel Murighiol

    - Delta
    - Fishing
    - Roman ruins Halmyris