City Hotels Remeti, Muntii Apuseni Romania 2023
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Pensiunea Apuseni Wild, Remeti

Pensiunea Apuseni Wild

Remeti, Muntii Apuseni, Romania

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Pensiunea Casiana, Remeti

Pensiunea Casiana

Remeti, Muntii Apuseni, Romania

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    Hotel Pensiuena Apseni Wild, Remeti

    Hotel Pensiuena Apseni Wild

    Remeti, Muntii Apuseni, Romania

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      The village belongs to the village Remeti Bulz and in turn consists of several hamlets: Vacaresti Matesti, Costesti, SCAI, Fruntinesti, Boncesti, Popesti, smooth, horn, Spring, Mitresti, Meadow, Remeti, Daica and Glade.

      Most of the landscape is occupied by mountains Forest Park. They are presented as a huge platform, fragmented and massive peaks separated by deep valleys and isolated karst plateaus. This platform is tilted to the east (where the maximum-record altitudes less than 1000 m Hodrâncuşa Vf) to the west gradually lower altitudes from 600-800 m to 350-400 m in the central area in the north-west.

      Recommendations for travel Remeti

      Free time can be spent at all four existing ponds in the area, in various activities (fishing, beach, bath, boat, etc.) on the banks of rivers or visiting roughly 20 Stan sheep and herds of cows on mountain, where all habits are still well preserved.