Mountain Horezu, Valea Oltului Romania winter 2021
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Pension Andra S House, Horezu

Pension Andra S House

Horezu, Valea Oltului, Romania

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    Casa Natura Healing Sound, Horezu

    Casa Natura Healing Sound

    Horezu, Valea Oltului, Romania

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    Hanul Vatra, Horezu

    Hanul Vatra

    Horezu, Valea Oltului, Romania

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    Pensiunea Dana, Horezu

    Pensiunea Dana

    Horezu, Valea Oltului, Romania

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    Vila Panoramic, Horezu

    Vila Panoramic

    Horezu, Valea Oltului, Romania

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      Hotel Conacul Lui Maldar, Horezu

      Hotel Conacul Lui Maldar

      Horezu, Valea Oltului, Romania

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        About HorezuDetails and images of Horezu


        In depression bordered by a chain of Carpathians in the north, is a quiet mountain town, famous for bulgarele art born of clay, ceramists artisans created beautiful and admired by fans.
        Situated in a beautiful natural landscape - surrounded by mountains Skull, Magura Slatioara, Negrulestilor hills, and Tomşani Costesti, Horezu most famous pottery center in the country, one of the important tourist spots in Romania officially became a tourist resort.

        Recommendations for travel Horezu

        Horezu surroundings also contribute to national and international prestige of the new resorts:

        At only 2 km from the city is considered Horezu monastery, with its museum and hermitages, the most representative architectural complex, defining style Brancoveanu.

        Close to town is a museum complex which brings together Măldăreşti manors of the families and Greceanu Duca Gheorghe Duca and memorial house, great monuments of Romanian architecture which standeth weather, which blends in harmoniously with the nature of the construction of fortification folk elements.

        Monasteries and shelters Horezu Arnota Bistrita, Bistrita and Bat Cave Gorge, and Hermitage Polovragi doll and is found in the village and the cave monastery of the same name and splendid Oltetului keys.

        "Trovantilor Museum" located 8 km from Horezu UNESCO monument, outdoor runs, hills, valleys and strange formations, called "stones grow" the size of a few millimeters up to 6-8 meters.

        Ranca resort located just 35 km from Horezu welcomes winter sports lovers who are passionate about skiing and snowboarding, lift installation and a second one with night party.

        Baile Govora Horezu are located near the modern spa complex, equipped with facilities for baths of mineral iodine and sulphurous waters, treatment with bee products, rooms for aerosols, inhalations, hot mud applications, electrotherapy, kinetotherapy, etc.. It is one of the richest resorts bromine iodine mineral waters in Europe and is recommended for the treatment of respiratory diseases, rheumatic diseases, degenerative diseases, as in the treatment of peripheral and central neurological disorders.

        At Vaideeni, visitors can see how cheese is the way to fold and take their daily living the few true family of shepherds living in the locality.

        Monastery of a tree gives joy and delight the eye of passers souls that linger in the shelter walls they drew many visitors, especially because of the way as the old church was built from a single oak trunk, made of thick planks, concluded dovetail. It is situated approximately 25 kilometers from Horezu and is at the same time, place of worship for pilots and sailors.

        Polovragi monastery dating from around 1505 and was founded by Radul and four sons of Danciul Zamona, mentioned in a decree issued on 18 January 1480 by Prince Basarab the Young.

        Ceramic Center Horezu considered the most important pottery center in Romania is located 300 meters from our house. You can buy from potters Costel Popa, gifted with many diplomas in the field, pottery cheaper than elsewhere. You can also assist in product manufacturing processes and even modeling clay and decorate clay pots and plates.

        Buila-Vanturarita National Park with a total area of 4500 ha, situated between the rivers and Olanesti Bistrita was called because of its beauty and similarity "in Oltenia National Park."

        Bistrita keys narrowest gorge in Romania, with a total length of 1.5 km, very spectacular, is a piece of nature that are worth visiting especially for the many caves that can be seen in the steep slopes of the valley Bistrita relief but also for the beauty and richness of flora and fauna.

        Oltetului keys with a total only lengths of 2 km, offers a suberb landscape: walls drill dozens of "caves" accompanied Oltet crystal clear river, the habitat of several hundreds of trout. Oltetului Gorges area and shows great interest in terms of flora and peisasgistic.

        Women's Cave is situated 19 km from Horezu, Baia de Fier, is the most visited objective spelunking in Romania.

        Fair potters' Hurez Roosters "is held annually in June at Horezu plateau" Oaks "and lasts three days.