Mountain Viseu De Sus, Maramures Romania 2022
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Hotel Programe Optionale Plimbare Cu Mocanita Viseu De Sus, Viseu De Sus

Hotel Programe Optionale Plimbare Cu Mocanita Viseu De Sus

Viseu De Sus, Maramures, Romania

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Viseu De Sus

Vișeu de Sus (in German Oberwischau, in Hungarian Felsővisó) is a city in Maramureș county, Transylvania, Romania. It is located in the northeast of the county of Maramureș, in the Depression of Maramureș, at the confluence between Valea Vișeului and Valea Vaserului.

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Viseu de Sus impresses tourists with its historical and cultural load, local traditions and customs, nature and fresh air. You can also travel with Mocănița, which lasts at least 6 hours (round trip). One of the most important cultural and technical values of the country, Mocănița de Vişeu de Sus is the last steam railway in the world. Constructed as a more favorable technical solution for the transport of wood material than for water, the forest rail works today, both for the initial role and for the transport of tourists.